"Alright now you better stop before you get me wet," Kia laughs.

"But you are already in the water.  How can I get you wet?" he asks.

"It's not but one way that you can make me wet if I'm already in the water." She smirks as she climbs aboard so he can get a full view.

He chuckles and tells her, "Girl, don't have me take you in the bathroom.  It's big enough for the both of us."

"Really now? What would you do with me in the bathroom?"

"I would take you and bend you over let you feel all of this." He says as he walks up right behind her so close that she feels all of his manhood tapping her on the butt cheek.

"Ooh well shit.  Umm…" Kia is a little speechless because what she feels on her backside is massive.  

Fabian takes her hand and places it on the bulge in his shorts and she can't help but grab at what feels like a great time.  

"How many women have you taken in the bathroom?" She asks somewhat seductively as she moves in closer to his face.

"None as sexy as you," he replies as he gets so close to her she can almost taste the pineapple juice he sipped earlier.

At that moment, she is saved from making a decision driven by the throbbing between her thighs because another passenger gets back on the boat.  Kia tells Fabian she will speak with him later and she retreats back in the water to cool off and enjoy every minute of her ocean adventure.    

Suddenly Single: Heartbreak in Paradise (Excerpt)

By M. Sherrer