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From Dante D. Long

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When Good Men Go Bad

Voted as one of UBAWA’s Top 100 of 2013

The Soul’s Motivation

Book #2 in the Men of 1302 series

When Good Men Go Bad

Jasper Hooks would be considered by most as an overall good guy; intelligent, well-mannered, attractive, and very sociable.  His personality has brought him quite a lot of popularity, as well as broken a few hearts, during his years at the historic Pembrook College.  Throughout all of this, his strong upbringing and tenacity for success has kept him humble and focused.

With college graduation over, a new and exciting career underway, and the love of his life just moving in, one would think that Jasper has it all together.  As he leaves the somewhat sheltering college days behind and adjusts to being a professional adult, situations at his job and in his personal life test his optimistic future to the point that he may lose it all.  

Starting with the betrayal of his fiancé Tina, a spiral of events occur in Jasper’s life which test fraternal ties, brings on-the-job strife, revisits pressures of the past, and emphasizes the constant struggle between right versus wrong.  The escalating conflict in his life may ruin his career, put his life in danger, and make him question his own mental stability as he fights to make sense of it all.   

When Good Men Go Bad is the first book in the coming of age Men of 1302 series by upcoming author Dante Long which shows the pleasures and pains of three college roommates, forever bonded by friendship, as life takes them through their varying adversities and blesses them with their individual achievements.

The Soul’s Motivation

What goes on in the mind of a Soldier as he prepares for war?  Fear?  Patriotism?  Eagerness?  Does one face the realities of possible death or focus on the pleasures that most take for granted?

Second Lieutenant Kyle Scott feels those emotions and more as he is about to embark on a deployment to Iraq within the first year of his military service after college graduation.  

Before and during the deployment, Kyle has to overcome his own challenges and anxieties to be a strong leader and serve his Army unit as he carries out his duties as an Intelligence Officer in 53rd Field Artillery.  He carries the burdens of his life back in the United States and faces new challenges that test his tenacity and desire to succeed.  Failure is not an option, and Kyle must rise above all to be the best Soldier that he can be.

The Soul’s Motivation is the second novel of the “Men of 1302” series that follows three former college roommates, Jasper, Kyle, and Rodney, as they continue to mature and experience the trials and tribulations of adulthood after their time at Pembrook College.



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